What is Your Personal Brand?

By Louisa Woltermann
The Bricks Agency

GLD_MotivatableAll over, companies use branding to create an image for their business in order to stand out from their competition. The brand of the company helps consumers define who the company is and what they stand for. So why not apply branding to your own life? With personal branding, you are able to allow people to understand who you are, what values you have and what you aim to do.

How do you create your personal brand? The first thing you need to do in order to create your personal brand is to pick characteristics you would like to describe you. For example, you can choose qualities such as: leader, creative, timely, respectful and/or good teamwork. Your personal brand is defined by everything you do, say and post. If you are not careful with your actions, then you could end up incorrectly representing yourself. Thus, if you wish to represent yourself a certain way, then you need to practice what you wish to be. For instance, do not show up to work late everyday if you want to be branded as timely. This principle also applies to your online networking sites. If you wish to be looked at as a respectful, serious business person, then do not post offensive statuses on your social media accounts.

How do you use this personal brand to your advantage? Now that you have defined yourself to others in a way you would like to be represented, you can use this to stand out from your competition. Your competition is most likely be those who are applying to the same job as you. So, with a personal brand, potential employers will be able to better understand who you are through an interview, through a resume or through looking at your social media sites. Since this potential employer knows that you have these qualities and your competitors may not be as well defined as you are and you will be more favorable in the eyes of a future employer.

In other words, personal branding will allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors and more definitively define who you are, what you value and what you aim to do.

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