Brand consistency is vital to successful marketing

TheBricksIcons-2-2By Gery L. Deer

In the dynamic world of marketing, one thing is certain: perception is everything. Creating the desired public perception of a brand is by no means rocket science… it’s actually harder! But one thing is for certain, without consistency, all other marketing efforts might be in vain.

Before we dive into the importance of consistency, it is important to understand the concept of a “brand.” The word “brand” comes from the Germanic language referring to “fire” or  “flame.” Eventually, people used a “firebrand” to burn some kind of unique symbol into livestock and wooden containers.

It might seem pretty straightforward but, today, the brand mostly refers to how people perceive a business, its employees, culture and products or services.

For some, branding is merely slapping a logo on a coffee mug and wearing matching embroidered shirts. But the difference between a good brand and a great one is how well it generates recognition and conversion by the intended audience (customer).

The perception is what really matters here and the only way to achieve it is by keeping the brand consistent across platforms and media. Consistency is achieved by creating a message platform and brand guidelines that are adhered to by all elements of the business model.

A well-developed brand includes many elements such as color, text font, logo, tag line, value message and how all of these are used together to create the proper public image. But when a business fails to utilize those elements properly and consistently, all of the money and effort in development is for naught.

From time to time it’s important to review the brand and make sure all areas of the company present it properly and consistently. For more information on brand consistency, contact us at The Bricks Agency.

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