Creative Marketing

By Brandon Fillinger

The Bricks Agency

Getting the word out about your product, service or company is quite the beast in todays world. The market is oversaturated and the noise causes headaches across an array of industries. You are not alone. So how do you establish a lane of your own to compete with similar competitors?

Developing creative marketing strategies is comparable to the strokes of a painting. Each stroke should have a specific purpose, with an end result in mind.

Here at The Bricks, we believe in the value of interpersonal relationships. In many cases, having a face to face conversation with your existing or prospective client(s) is just not possible. We dig deep into the capture and implementation of data specific to the individual. This effort segments your market for review. At this point, creativity takes over.

Your story consists of many different elements, each a chapter which holds true to the overall purpose.

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