Creative Marketing

By Brandon Fillinger The Bricks Agency Getting the word out about your product, service or company is quite the beast in todays world. The market is oversaturated and the noise causes headaches across an array of industries. You are not alone. So how do you establish a lane of your own to compete with similar[…]


Brand consistency is vital to successful marketing

By Gery L. Deer In the dynamic world of marketing, one thing is certain: perception is everything. Creating the desired public perception of a brand is by no means rocket science… it’s actually harder! But one thing is for certain, without consistency, all other marketing efforts might be in vain. Before we dive into the[…]

What is Your Personal Brand?

By Louisa Woltermann The Bricks Agency All over, companies use branding to create an image for their business in order to stand out from their competition. The brand of the company helps consumers define who the company is and what they stand for. So why not apply branding to your own life? With personal branding,[…]